Need A New Computer?

When your computer seems to be getting a bit long in the tooth or you notice that everything is running a lot slower than normal, it may be time for a new computer.

Which for AWB, building you a custom desktop computer has always been our favourite task.

We have built over 100 computers for our customers over the years and every single one has been happy with the result.

New computers can be built with whatever Windows operating system you would like to use but if you want the latest release, you can have that as well.

Currently, Microsoft's latest offering is Windows 10, which I've found over time, does grow on you.

All new computers come with a warranty of 12 months and include the services below;

           Internet Connection Setup
           Email Address Setup
           Computer Installation
           Data Transfer
           Antivirus Software
           Old Pc Recycling

To compliment your new computer we can also provide monitors, software such as Microsoft Office, keyboards and mice.

To order or dicuss the possibility of a new computer, please call.